Jul 19th Memory upgrade 19/07/2016

Server memory will be increased from 8Gb to 12Gb overnight tonight 19/07/2016.The server will be re-booted and test once the upgrade is completed. Downtime will be kept to a minimum and will be outside EU core working hours but may impact hosting in other timezones. We are sorry for this but it will increase server resources for all our clients. Read More »

Mar 23rd Server Update

Saturday 26th March - Migration to new server for all website & email accounts

Scheduled to start at 15:00 for approx. 2 hours

Completed at 17:30. Old account issues notified separately

Nov 12th Server reboot

Hard re-boot to update security at 21:46 
Downtime = 1min 07 seconds

Oct 23rd Server rebooted

Server re-booted and all services now running ok at 21:39. Downtime 36minutes.

Oct 18th Critical server update 23-10-2015 21:00hrs

Please be aware that a critical security update has been scheduled for the London server at 21:00 on Friday 23rd October. A 2-hour service window has been allocated for the server work to be completed during which time your website and email system will be unavailable. In reality it is usually far less time than this, but please be prepared. ... Read More »

Jan 1st Cloud Linux

CloudLinux cage core updated and server rebooted - no known issues

Nov 17th Server operating system and kernel updated

After several malicious attacks on old (Pre-2.5) Joomla websites, the sever software has today been updated to run CloudLinux which, along with other enhancements, gives a higher level of security by 'caging' each individual user so they cannot affect any other user.You should notice no difference unless you are still running an older, unsuported ... Read More »

Sep 26th Shellshock

Shellshock bug.

You may have read or head about this bug Shellshock - the server was today patched to fix the vunrerability.

Downtime was around 2 hours as there were a couple of issues and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Jul 7th core update

server core updated & rebooted overnight. no issues